the objective is colect more dragons than you canEdit


  • try to click all of the dragons, it's boring ,but needed you'll recive 3 Kristal Spirits(KS) each dragon.
  • click yours and click others to click back and your dragons grow faster(each of your dragons you clicked you'll recive 2 KS.).
  • join the forums, and or dragora cave your problems will be solved
  • try to get more KS as you can.

codes, how to get then?Edit

  • you'll receive the code, but not randomly, you'll get them by reaching an objective.
  • find the link
  • if you find a hidden page with a warning read or the'll disappear

I don't have the requirements to adopt that thing, why?Edit

have 3 possibilities:

  1. it cost some(10000000) KS.
  2. it was the last one, and some one got it before you.
  3. unfortunately you're banned.

is this usefullEdit

now NO but in the future yes, feel free to edit.

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