The dragora valley have many dragons breeds and some USB things.

The dragons called as dragora or dragonasare the only kind that is avaible in various colors, they die after geting 200 clicks.

this page don't have any images,the imagesare in each dragon page.

old onesEdit

The old ones was the dragoras(some still in the river). They are the most common retired(exept pink/blue).

there were avaiable this colors:

green/ rainbow

purple/ rainbow

black/ night

scalet/ pastel orange

sliver/ gold

pink/blue(the alternate arrived fron pink babies after they been retired).


they are a rare kind of dragon.

April fools dragon(april fools).

Flowah dragon (100 menbers)

Emo dragons (200 menbers)

Yin Yang dragons(400 menbers)

under construction

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